Hannah Vaala | Basic Proc/Boning Cost Accountant | Jennie-O Turkey Store
"I joined neXt because I thought it was a great networking opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who share in my dedication for developing and growing in the community as well as in my career. There are many opportunities to expand not only your professional skills, but also your personal and team building skills. I think it's very beneficial for Jennie-O Turkey Store to sponsor my membership in the neXt program because it will not only build my character on a personal level but a professional level as well."
Jared Voge | Principal Engineer | Bolton & Menk, Inc.
"When I became a member of neXt I expected to meet other professionals within the community. What I actually discovered is not only is neXt the perfect place to meet people and establish a network, it's a great atmosphere to develop professional and life skills. The training opportunities provided are valuable and require less of a time commitment than I anticipated. It's not an organization where you feel obligated to attend every single meeting, training session, or event. You simply attend as many as your schedule allows. Numerous networking opportunities are provided outside of the training sessions and some are open to families. It's great to meet other neXt members' families and develop friendships. It is always easier to do business with friends. Our company supports my neXt membership and receives the benefits of the knowledge I bring back as a result of the trainings, as well as the network of peers within the business community neXt has helped me establish. My advice to anyone considering becoming a member of neXt is: Be neXt!”
Jenna Chapin | Event Coordinator | The Oaks at Eagle Creek
“neXt is an excellent way to network within our generation of professionals, to grow as an individual and as an employee, and to learn about our community. Our organization gives employers an affordable, unique opportunity to offer it's employees-- with class times to fit every schedule, after-work and weekend social and volunteer events, neXt is a fantastic organization for businesses to give their young employees a jump-start into our business community.”
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