As a business owner, why should I encourage my employees to join neXt?
NeXt is the perfect avenue to help your employees grow in their professional skills. With our educational seminars we bring in professional trainers that share valuable information on a wide-range of topics and with our social events the networking is a priceless tool. All of this helps your employees with their confidence, skills and ultimately will reflect in their job duties.

What kind of time commitment is neXt and how will it benefit me?
You will get out of neXt what you are willing to put into it. There is one social event per month while educational events are roughly every 1-2 months. Socially you will benefit by expanding your social circle with like-minded individuals, and as we all know, relationships are incredibly important for any business. Professionally you will benefit through our educational events. We pick our speakers carefully about topics that all of us experience in our work environments. What you take away will be more confidence and better ways to succeed for your company.

I am currently a neXt member, but how do I get more involved?
You can contact Michelle Jenniges at 320-235-0300 or and she will get you in touch with the correct Committee Chair. Or we also have subcommittees throughout the year for special events if you arenít ready to commit to being a committee member. We will welcome you with open arms either way!

It seems like neXt is just a social organization, what are some of the educational offerings?
As an example, some of the topics we cover are how to deal with stress, how to hold effective meetings, time management, how to be a leader and how to better manage your money. The topics are meant to help you both in your profession and with life issues our age group commonly faces.